What should I expect?

What should I expect at Crosspoint?

...Sunday service to begin at 10:00 AM.
...a wonderful little red brick building to come into view as you enter our parking lot.
...open parking immediately in front of the drive thru and/or to the left of the building.
...to be received at the door by one of our faithful members.
...to be able to meet the Pastor and our wonderful church members immediately upon entering our building.
...an environment where all ages are welcome to worship. We encourage families to sit together during the worship service.
...a comfortable auditorium where you will find coffee available and a seat to enjoy before the worship service begins.
...worship songs (new and old) on an overhead screen led by a praise band.

...Pastor Paul to guide you through the Scriptures so that you can better love your Creator and Savior.

How do I dress?
Come in jeans and a tee, or if you prefer, come in a dress or suit. You will find a variety of styles and all are welcome.

Should I bring a Bible?
Yes. Pastor Paul preaches from the New American Standard and/or the Holman Christian Standard. Sometimes he will use a slide show presentation and/or handouts to enhance his sermon. But, bringing your Bible and following along will make you more knowledgable of God's Word for the destruction of fortresses set up in your heart and mind against God and His will.

What about my children?
We love children, but are unable to host a nursery during our worship service. We love kids and welcome them. Again, we want the whole family to worship together. If you fear your child may be a distraction feel free to get up and move around the auditorium with your child or take them into the foyer, but we hope you will see the value of teaching your children to sit reverently during the worship service. We are all parents and know that this is no easy feat, but is possible.

Do you have Sunday School?
No, we do not have a Sunday School hour.  

I like Crosspoint, how do I join?
One, indicate this on our Communication Card and place in the offering basket. Two, simply approach Pastor Paul and inform him of your desire. You must be born again, baptized, and attend our "Membership Matters" class to be a full-fledged member.

Why don't you have an altar call?
Pastor Paul always ends the sermon with a plea for the lost to repent and receive Christ as Savior and Lord. If you are saved during one of the services, this will become clear to you as the Spirit of Jesus takes up residence in your life. When you become aware of this do let Pastor Paul know. He is there to assist you in your spiritual pilgrimage. The Bible teaches that baptism is the outward sign of your conversion, not walking down an aisle.

What is baptism?
It is a public declaration of your salvation. We do not baptize infants, but we do baptize anyone who publicly proclaims Christ as Savior and their life declares this change through the fruit of repentance and sanctification. As needed we fill the baptistry and immerse those who have come to saving faith.