Pastor Paul is a Reformed Baptist. 


That means that he teaches from a theology of the five solas:

  • salvation is by faith alone, 
  • through grace alone, 
  • in Christ alone, 
  • based on the Scriptures alone, 
  • and for the glory of God alone.  

He is a Calvinist, but he also enjoys street preaching, yes the two are compatible.  

The gospel is based on a Lordship Salvation.  

  • This means he preaches Jesus-saves-us-by-calling-us-and-justifying-us, not we walk an aisle, say a prayer, and write the date in our Bible.  

He also does not believe in a historical dispensational eschatology (he doesn't preach rapture-left-behind sermons).



  • Paul & Tricia simpson


    Pastor Paul and his wife Tricia came to Crosspoint on February 3rd, 2008. He served as a Youth/Associate Pastor for eleven years before coming to Crosspoint. Paul and Tricia were married on November 11th, 1995. They have three wonderful boys: Ian, Keagan, and Collin.

    Paul currently serves Crosspoint bi-vocationally. His tent making work involves teaching high school english at A+ Academy in Dallas. Tricia is the director of the First Baptist Wills Point Learning Center.  She is also a radical Wills Point Band Mom!!!

    Paul is a native Floridian while Tricia hails from Rhode Island. How did they meet? At college, their alma mater: Palm Beach Atlantic College (now University). Paul graduated with a BA in Business while Tricia graduated with a MRS in marriage, ere...uh, a BS in Marketing. Immediately after their honeymoon they moved to Texas where Paul began work on his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    Paul loves to read - news, blogs, and biographies - watch an intriguing movie, eat a fantastic cheeseburger and drive a new road.

    Tricia loves to cook, play with jewelry, and drink Starbucks coffee with a dear friend.

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